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This page is maintained by Bx Service, if you are part of the community and want to add a new idea for the GSoC 2016, feel free to write us with your ideas.

iDempiere is an open-source ERP and development framework. We have a culture of writing high-quality code, following the best programming practices, the code must be peer-reviewed and tested. All the students applying for our project list ideas must to be able to:

  • Present and show their knowledge and implementation to a team of software developers.
  • Analyse and find a solution for a business-need.

Application Instructions

If you want to apply to one of our projects, please send us your proposal.
In the proposal include the following data:

  • Name
  • College/University
  • Major
  • Degree Program (B.Sc, M, Sc, PhD, etc.)
  • Email
  • Title of the idea you’re applying to.
  • How much time do you plan to spend on the GSoC?
  • Intended start/end dates
  • Any important factors that can affect your availability or performance (exams, courses, traveling, summer work, etc.)?

Please also give us information about your background:

  • Educational background (degrees, courses, etc.)
  • Have you participated in an OSS project?
  • Have you work before in a project?
  • Why do you want to participate with iDempiere?
  • Why are you interested in the project you’re applying?
  • Do you have any knowledge that can help you in the project?
  • Do you plan to participate in the community after the GSoC ends?
  • What do you plan to do with the project after the Summer of Code finish?
  • What IDE’s are you most familiar with? (Eclipse, Visual Studio, Netbeans, etc.)
  • Are you familiar with linux-based OS?

If you think, there are more things that we should know about you that makes you the best person for the project, send them in the proposal. We will not consider attributes non-related to the ability to write code (religious beliefs, gender, ethnicity, race, nationality, etc.)

Idea #1 Android GPS tracking plugin for iDempiere

The idea of the project is to create an android app that sends the location of the device every x-amount of time to the iDempiere server via web-services. In the server-side, the locations are meant to be written in a table, and with this information, a client window will show the route that the device has done (with the time when the device was in which position) and the current location of the device, allowing the user to see several devices at the same time and filter the information that he wants to see. The app must be able to show in the device important information about that delivery or client. This can be used in several cases (e.g. a truck fleet in a delivery service company). The project includes the analysis, design (will be done with UML), coding and test phase. Additionally, the student must document the implementation.

Programming Languages/Frameworks: Java, Android.
Required skills: UML, Java, Android.
Preferred skills: SQL, web services.

Idea #2 Implement a Lite version of iDempiere

Currently the process to implement iDempiere in small companies is hard and time-consuming. iDempiere has too many rules that can be unnecessary and blocking for small businesses. With this project we want to adapt the core and implement a way to allow users to use iDempiere in a fastest way, when needed. Check a further analysis here

Programming Languages/Frameworks: Java, SQL.
Required skills: Java, SQL.
Preferred skills: User experience knowledge.

Idea #3 User experience improvements

This project is meant to improve several UX aspects of iDempiere with ideas, such as:

  • Preserve session status when logout (when the session is closed because of timeout, and the user logs back in, iDempiere should show the previous status of the *session before the timeout occurred (open windows, open documents, etc.)
  • Configurable toolbar: Allow to configure, without code, the window toolbar. Attributes such as: icon size, toolbar button, size, aspect, type (icon/text).
  • Guided tour platform (To configure a guided tour through iDempiere the first time it’s open)
  • Configurable UI (Color, contrast, size)
  • Shortcuts to navigate through tabs (like in google spreadsheet with ctrl+shift+PgUp).

Programming Languages/Frameworks: Java, SQL, ZK.
Required skills: Java.
Preferred skills: User experience knowledge, ZK.

Idea #4 Improve security in iDempiere

This project is meant to improve several security aspects in iDempiere with ideas, such as:

  • Hide the username displayed on the login page, show it like: username car****.
  • RESTful web services to approve and decline a workflow activity (e.g via email).

Programming Languages/Frameworks: Java, SQL, Web services.
Required skills: Java, SQL, web services.
Preferred skills:

Idea #5 Pluggable authentication forms

Allow iDempiere to have pluggable authentication forms (OAUTH, CAS, LDAP, etc.). iDempiere should at the end of this project have a way to “login via google+” or “login via fb”, and so on. Every authentication way is meant to be a plugin.

Programming Languages/Frameworks: Java, SQL.
Required skills: Java, SQL.
Preferred skills:

Idea #6 Adapt iDempiere to be a calendar and contacts server

The idea is to use calDAV and cardDAV to allow the clients to access scheduling information from the iDempiere server, as well as allowing the users to access and share the contact data on a server. e.g: When a user meets a potential client outside the business, it should be able to create a new contact in the phone and synchronize with iDempiere

Programming Languages/Frameworks: Java, calDAV, cardDAV.
Required skills: Java.
Preferred skills: calDAV and, cardDAV knowledge.

To submit your proposal to participate in one of our projects, please send us an email.

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