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Generate complete model for new version

Usually when a new version of iDempiere is released, the whole model classes (the classes starting with X_ and the interfaces starting with I_) are re-generated, these classes are created using the class org.adempiere.base.ModelGeneratorApplication, which generates the java code reading from the dictionary definition.

To generate the classes on release there are 5 steps to generate all the classes, this page describes the parameters required for these 5 steps.

NOTE: It is important to generate the classes using a vanilla database seed, be careful not to include customizations

Run model generator:

  • Parameters:
    • Source Folder
    • Package Name
    • Table Name
    • Table Entity Type
    • Column Entity Type
  1. Core and E-Evolution models:
    • "<workspace>/org.adempiere.base/src"
    • "org.compiere.model"
    • "%"
    • "D,EE05"
  2. AD_UserMail:
    • "<workspace>/org.adempiere.base/src"
    • "org.compiere.model"
    • "AD_UserMail"
    • "D"
    • "D"
  3. Other E-Evolution models:
    • "<workspace>/org.adempiere.base/src"
    • "org.eevolution.model"
    • "%"
    • "EE01,EE04,EE02"
  4. AD_AllUsers_V and AD_AllClients_V view:
    • "<workspace>/org.adempiere.base/src"
    • "org.compiere.model"
    • "'AD_AllUsers_V','AD_AllClients_V'"
    • "D"
  5. WebServices model classes:
    • "<workspace>/org.idempiere.webservices/WEB-INF/src"
    • "org.idempiere.webservices.model"
    • "EXT"
    • "WS_%"
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