FA ProjectCreateAsset (Process ID-200000)

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Process: FA_ProjectCreateAsset

Description: This process creates asset from project and automatically close the project

Help: There are four parameters: a. Project, is the Project that will be converted to asset. This project will be closed after this process completes b. Product, is the asset product that will be act as the base for the newly created asset c. UseLifeYears, is an optional parameter. Use this if you want a different use life years for the newly created asset, instead of the default uselifeyears from asset group accounting. d. Transaction Date, will become in-service-date for the newly created asset.

File:FA ProjectCreateAsset - Process (iDempiere 1.0.0).png

Process Parameters
Name Description Help Technical Data
Project Financial Project A Project allows you to track and control internal or external activities. C_Project_ID
Transaction Date Transaction Date The Transaction Date indicates the date of the transaction. DateTrx
Usable Life - Years Years of the usable life of the asset UseLifeYears

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