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The purpose of this page is to describe the iDempiere documentation standard. This page should help you update existing material and create new material in a way that is consistent with the success of the iDempiere project.


  1. We want to protect consumers' time and effort by providing accurate and succinct documentation
  2. We want to create an inviting and pleasurable (better word here) new user experience.
  3. We want to identify solutions to common problems
  4. We want to attract new users to the project
  5. We want to flag material that might degrade the user experience

Models and Standards

Diataxis is the the proposed framework. Their website is pretty well organized. Quick summary video.

  • Categories
    • Tutorial (Learning-oriented): lessons that take the reader by the hand and provide a series of predefined steps to accomplish a goal.
    • How-To (Task-oriented): directions that take the reader through the steps required to solve a real-world problem, these are intended for people that already know how to use iDempiere.
    • Explanation (Understanding-oriented): discussion that clarifies and illuminates a particular topic.
    • Reference (Information-oriented): technical descriptions of the machinery and how to operate it.
  • Hazardous Material - used to identify problematic pages

Getting Started - Cleaning the wiki

Did you find a page that could be improved, needs an update or should be removed? Please help us discover these pages by following these steps:

Search on key work to find similar pages (example: install)

Getting Started - Creating your First Page

This section assumes you have an idea to create new content. These are the first steps to help you make your idea a reality.

  • Sign up for an account in the wiki if you don’t have one: Request Account
  • Review standards and examples.
  • Post your idea/thought on the google group and/or Mattermost. This helps ensure you understand what is currently available related to your change, and it invites the community to help support your efforts.
  • Use the wiki discussion page to formulate and aggregate your thoughts.
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