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The purpose of this page is to describe the iDempiere documentation framework. This page should help you update existing material and create new material in a way that is consistent with the success of the iDempiere project.

Planning and Organization

The Documentation Committee meets weekly using mattermost using the Documentation Channel. Anyone is welcome to join and contribute. We organize thoughts and initiatives here.

Goals and Objectives

"Many hands make for little work" is a core principle of the group. We believe that everyone can contribute to documentation in one way or another.

Our primary objectives are to:

  1. Choose and support the the right tools to make it easy for everyone to contribute.
  2. Educate and incentivize everyone's involvement.

If we execute our objectives, we believe the following goals will be achieved:

  • Protect consumers' time and effort by providing accurate and succinct documentation
  • Create an inviting and efficient new user experience.
  • Identify solutions to common problems
  • Attract new users to the project
  • Flag material that might degrade the user experience

These goals and objective should create easily accessible, simple, consistent and accurate documentation.

Who We Serve

There are many actors in creating, maintaining and consuming documentation. Here are the identified documentation consumers:

  1. Developer
  2. Integrator/Implementor
  3. Development operations (Devops)
  4. Translator
  5. Tester
  6. Trainer
  7. End-user project manager
  8. End-user manager
  9. End-user user

These same actors are ones who also create the documentation. Any actor can be a newcomer or a veteran.

Models and Standards

We use the Diataxis framework. Their website is pretty well organized. Quick summary video.

  • Categories of documents
    • Tutorial (Learning-oriented): lessons that take the reader by the hand and provide a series of predefined steps to accomplish a goal.
    • How-To (Task-oriented): directions that take the reader through the steps required to solve a real-world problem, these are intended for people that already know how to use iDempiere.
    • Explanation (Understanding-oriented): discussion that clarifies and illuminates a particular topic.
    • Reference (Information-oriented): technical descriptions of the machinery and how to operate it.

Getting Started - Cleaning the wiki

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