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Debug library


In idempiere, we has two category of library.

1. library in project (visible library)

2. library in target-platform (invisible library)

with category 1 it's easy to debug. only attach source and take a break point.

with category 2, we can't see library in "package navigate" because can't attach source also take a break point.

before i use a tip. start from visible library and step into invisible library.

but it's hard work and i can attach source run line by line, see value in variable view but can't take a break poin.

with a good keyword i catch solution at Eclipse - How to open and set breakpoints in code attached to the target platform plugins


Debug extra library.png

Bonus how to view running info

Eclipse run info.png

Unable to compile conditional breakpoint - missing Java project context

When i set a breakpoint on jetty library, it work well.

but when i setup a condition expression, it said "Unable to compile conditional breakpoint - missing Java project context"

someone said about it here: [1][2]

for me to resolved it i do bellow setting:

go "preference/plug-in development" choose option "Include all plug-ins" from target in java search

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