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  1. Training for 5 days "intense training"
  2. over all 30 lesson periods (each 45 minutes) guided training
  3. 10+ periods free training time
  4. Instructors will be experienced persons of the iDempiere project.
  5. Examination at the end of the training
  6. Certificate of the passed tests "ADempiere/iDempiere Developer base training" (german and

english copy)

What to Learn

  • Sponsor requests some topics from 3.6.1 CookBook
  • Based on your knowledge about the community structures you learn how to dive deeper into the developer community.
  • You learn how to prepare your developer environment with tools like Eclipse, Buckminster, Mercurial, etc. and to get the sourcecode up and running.
  • You learn how to keep up with the living project by upgrading often and migrating the database.
  • You will get used with the developer forums, Jira trackers, code review procedures, having your own branch of the software and contribute easy to the main project.
  • You learn about the different Java constructs like Process, Callout, Model Validator, Forms and use them yourself.
  • You learn about the difference between core contributions and plugins and know how to set up your own plugin project.
  • You can deploy your plugin project to a p2 site and to the iDempiere marketplace.

Calendar Week

See main page. Sponsor is requesting more technical expose of Workflow and WebServices, so this content will be reviewed during class in session.