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Open window

  • Sometime when open a window (From menu or favorite) it can either "new record" or "view old record":
alt:Open with new state
Open with view state

What is logic for type of window is open?

	((C_Order.IsSOTrx='Y')) AND 
	(Processed='N' OR Updated>SysDate-1) AND 
	C_Order.AD_Client_ID IN(0,11) AND 
	C_Order.AD_Org_ID IN(50007,0,50004,50005,50006,50000,50001,50002,11,12) AND  
	(C_Order.C_Order_ID IS NULL OR C_Order.C_Order_ID NOT IN ( 
		SELECT Record_ID FROM AD_Private_Access WHERE AD_Table_ID = 259 AND AD_User_ID <> 100 AND IsActive = 'Y' )

it's easy. before open window, Idempiere count record will query. when count is 0, window open in new state when count > 0, window open in view old record

Logic of default query for document is simple: display unprocess record or processed in preview day

  • In some windown, you can see search panel when open window:
alt:Open with search state
alt:Open with search state setup

why? how to make other window have same behavior? what is mean? Just check "hight volumn" in "Table and Column" window as image. this check tell idempiere, table has a lot record, because it should open in search sate.


Auto switch to https when access to [server]/idempiereMonitor

Anytime, when you access to idempiereMonitor, server always use https protocol.

this feature setup by <transport-guarantee>CONFIDENTIAL</transport-guarantee> in web.xml in "org.adempiere.server"

just google if you want to more understand about it.

1. what's issue with this behavior

This default behavior just do well util you setup a proxy like haproxy with "SSL Termination" model and port of proxy difference port of application.


I setup haproxy listen at port 80 for http and 443 for https

I setup idempiere listen at port 8080 for http and 8443 for https

haproxy will process ssl, so connection from haproxy to idempiere always on http

now, every time i access to [server_name]/idempiereMonitor it always redirect to [server_name]:8443/idempiereMonitor

by security, i just open port 443, so can't access to idempiereMonitor

2. how to resolve it?

setup proxy and web app do same https port, it also mean you have to setup haproxy on separate server.

if you setup idempiere run on port 443 you have to run idempiere with root right.

so i prefer to complete remove config "transport-guarantee", it's safe when I already idempiere behind https.


Create line from

On invoice window, when run "Create line from", value of "Payment Rule" update follow to "Payment Rule" of Order.

this change hide from end user, it's better to highlight this kind of fields get this kind of change.

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