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Costing is the cornerstone of selling products. Costing is the process of calculating costs for sold goods. With properly tuned costing you'll have a realtime P/L and balance statement.

Technical Details

Costs are calculated from Cost Details. Cost Details are information that is created from documents that effect costs, such as purchase orders and invoices.

Cost Details are created at the following "moments", in the code MCostDetail:

  • createInventory
  • createInvoice
  • createMatchInvoice
  • createMovement
  • createOrder (called from Doc_MatchPO)
  • createProduction
  • createShipment


From the available cost details, different types of costs can be calculated.

Costing records can be created manually running the process:


The process checks for non-processed Cost Details and processes these.

Cost Details are processed calling

org.compiere.model.MCostDetail.processProduct(MProduct, String)

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