Continuous Integration

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iDempiere manages continuous integration using Jenkins



  • iDempiere job checks for changes on development branch at repository every 5 minutes and compiles the p2 repository
    • it also creates a linux installer 64 bit installer, but is mostly for checking that compilation is not broken
    • this job does not create a seed database, so using this one requires applying migration scripts
  • iDempiere9 job does the same but on release-9 branch
  • iDempiereDaily and iDempiere9Daily does a different job at 9PM and 11PM (GMT-5) respectively
    • it checks for changes at repository
    • create seed databases for postgresql>=10 and oracle>=12c
    • create installers for Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris 32 and 64 bits, and also a .deb Ubuntu installer


  • Issues on compilation are caught by the continuous integration jobs and notified to google dev group.
  • Issues on scripts are caught by the daily installer and notified samely.
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