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This tutorial is brought to you by Dr. Stanley Mungwe from IT-Kamer Company Ltd and ERP University Cameroon ( If you have questions, criticism or improvement suggestions, feel free to visit me (Doctor) or write me an email. Thanks goes to Jan Thielmann for the initial discussions around this.

Goal of Manual

The goal of this manual is to give you an introduction to Business Partner in Idempiere from a user's perspective.

Introduction to Business Partner

A Business Partner in Idempiere represents an entity with whom you carry out business operations. Idempiere differentiates three different types of Business Partners: Vendors, Customers, and Employees or any combination of the three.

A Business Partner should have one or more Locations and one or more Contacts, which can or may not be linked to a location. Contacts can have Interest Areas. These Interest Areas are the basis for Customer Relationship Management and gives a sales personnel or sales representative the opportunity to manage Email-Lists.

In Idempiere a Business Partner also possess a "Bank Account" and "Withholding" capabilities.

Relationships can exist between Business Partners and other Business Partners. This enables a Sales Order to be shipped to one Business Partner and Invoiced to a second Business Partner.