Accounting Fact Details (Report ID-252)

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Report: Accounting Fact Details

Description: Accounting Fact Details Report

Help: Report with detail accounting details.

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Report Parameters
Name Description Help Technical Data
Accounting Schema Rules for accounting An Accounting Schema defines the rules used in accounting such as costing method, currency and calendar C_AcctSchema_ID
Table Direct
Organization Organizational entity within client An organization is a unit of your client or legal entity - examples are store, department. You can share data between organizations. AD_Org_ID
Account Date Accounting Date The Accounting Date indicates the date to be used on the General Ledger account entries generated from this document. It is also used for any currency conversion. DateAcct
Period Period of the Calendar The Period indicates an exclusive range of dates for a calendar. C_Period_ID
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Account Account used The (natural) account used Account_ID
Account Key Key of Account Element AccountValue
Business Partner Identifies a Business Partner A Business Partner is anyone with whom you transact. This can include Vendor, Customer, Employee or Salesperson C_BPartner_ID
Product Product, Service, Item Identifies an item which is either purchased or sold in this organization. M_Product_ID
Tax Tax identifier The Tax indicates the type of tax used in document line. C_Tax_ID
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