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To prepare some thoughts about a better documentation of iDempiere I started this page to think about scope and content of such a document. This page may be written in german and/or english.


  • ...
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Multi-Language approach (english and german for the beginning)


Possible platforms

  • OpenOffice Writer
  • DocBook
  • HTML



We can try documenting every way of installing iDempiere. If we do that we will have an outdated book using a unique version of PostgreSQL, Windows, Browser and whatever. And we do not really solve the problems that people have today. Perhaps we find a way to install iDempiere in an not-outdating, newbie-proof way. Some ideas are:

  • Easy cloud installation on amazon standard server
  • allow a test client for new users for free on (that will cost us money)
  • creating a virtual machine that can be used with VirtualBox or whatever on the user's own computer