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A shot of the WEMailDialog window used to send the email.
From the 'Business Partner' window.
Starting with a blank email.


Idempiere makes great use of email to send reports and through its use of templates to send bulk email to 'interest areas'. But what if you want to send an email to say a CRM contact (user) from the context of the lead window? Or to a business partner contact? This handy little plugin allows this by placing a 'mail button' on the toolbar.

  • Allows the user to select a mail template, with option for a basic blank email.
  • Automatically populates the mail dialog with the email from the window context, or shows a list of users if you're in the business partner window.
  • Uses the excellent WEMailDialog with built in HTML editor.
  • Adds a 'User Mail' record to the recipient's ad_user record.

Steps To Use

  • Just add the jar to your OSGi web console and start the plugin.


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