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FitNesse Rollback

  • There are times tests are run repetitively or need to roll back for test again.
  • Ability to commit or roll back with simple wiki tag at last line of suite or test.
  • Only Initial Client Setup is already hard-coded to commit thus cannot be rolled back.
  • Can roll back others:
    • Create table
    • Delete table
    • Update table
    • Run Process
    • Set Record or Variable
  • During test, Read Record, and Asserts able to read any runtime activity to confirm test results easily.

Assert Numbers or Strings

  • Note that this plugin assumes numerical values to be comparable -
    • AssertVariable compares both strings and numbers including if strings have numbers instead.
    • Thus I included a new AssertString to strictly compare only strings.

Create Record Easily

  • The brand new CreateRecordAuto class will make defining table entry without a single line!
    • Collect the fuller patch that has these new features at the SourceForge link

Process InfoWindow

  • Now you can even do Read Info Window and then Run Process!

How To Use

Developer's path
  • Take path FitNesseFixture.patch to add to source plugin org.idempiere.fitnesse.fixture for debugging work in Eclipse or IDE environment. And for any sharing of improvement.
End User's path
  • Stop or uninstall old plugin and install new Jar Plugin. Use as shown in tutorial link within guide.
  • Note the new CreateRecordAuto and RollBack usage below.



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