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  • Knows which BackOrder is ready to Ship by looking at the 'Ready' flag.
  • Knows which supply or production to chase by looking at the 'Insufficient' flag.
  • Knows where the stock are located across different warehouses.
  • Knows what other BackOrders are pending.
  • Generate Sales Order much faster without touching core but modify cockpit plugin.
  • Further processes can be added to this cockpit source using Ninja plugin.


  • Management Inventory Constraints often result in back-orders that need follow up.
  • Plugin gives full 360 degree visibility to commitment and inventory readiness prioritizing lines to ship.


  • Go to Main Menu, BackOrder Management window for easy definition of Sales Order details and Generate Sales Order
  • Completed but undelivered Sales Orders can be viewed in BackOrder AvailableToShip Info-Window
  • Refresh to get up-to-date status
    • 'Ready' flag will recalculate based on available stock to fulfil order lines from the top.
    • Reset LineNo back at BackOrder line tab to get sorted for priority shipment
  • Generate (WMS) Shipment (pending) -- use normal iDempiere.

Coupling With WMS

  • This is a standalone plugin not needing the WMS plugin which it was originally created for.
  • When WMS plugin is installed, its WMS Picking function will turn on.


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