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  • September 3/4 (thursday/friday)
  • Paid Developer Workshop next week after the conference at the Bischofstein Castle near Koblenz (september 7-11)


Attending Conference

  1. Thomas Bayen, Germany
  2. Redhuan D. Oon, Malaysia
  3. Carlos Ruiz, Colombia
  4. Hans Riess, Germany
  5. Orlando Curieles, Venezuela, Ecuador
  6. Luis Amesty, Venezuela, España
  7. Chuck Boecking, Austin, TX, United States
  8. Henriette Baumann, Switzerland
  9. Gabriel F. Habermann, devCoffee, Brazil
  10. Murilo H. Torquato, devCoffee, Brazil
  11. Pedro Rozo, SmartJSP, Colombia
  12. Norbert Bede, MULTIMAGE, Slovakia
  13. Bernhard Sieber, Germany
  14. Philippe Baumann, Switzerland
  15. Diego Ruiz, Bx Service GmbH, Germany, Colombia
  16. Peter Shepetko, Ukraine
  17. Dirk Niemeyer, Germany
  18. Eugene Barg, Russia
  19. Anton Fildan, Austria
  20. Deepak Pansheriya, India
    • please add your name here if you plan to attend

Trainer for the Workshop


Krefeld is about 20 km from the District Capital and fair location Düsseldorf, about 50km away from Cologne and 20km to the Netherland border. It is well equiped with Hotels of different categories. Ask me (Thomas Bayen) for help, I know many hotels through my business. Or just have a look at:


Coordination Team

Evening and weekend events

Events will be fixed if enough people are on the list. We have some possibilities like:

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