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Who is TheD?

TheD is an enthusiastic fresh guy who has a lot interest in IT and Physics and is growing to know more.
He was studying physics in the University of Yaounde 1, Cameroon before breaking and dropping into the Steve Jobs project
Cameroon. He has got much factorials and thermodynamics with relativistic matter his can hear him say this
"Oh! it's so heavy. Let's see what codes Look like." I'm very sure... he is passionately curious!!! He currently is a Software
Developer(Junior), Systems Analyst, and an ERP Engineer with ITKamer.
Read more about TheD.


Currently speak, read and write in English, French, and Korean(learner).

Bazaar model - Oct 2011


He loves making friends, trying out new ways.
He loves creativity,innovation, and the concept of the Universe in itself, in fact he usually think of Multiverse (multi universes)
and the theory of Parallel dimensions. He likes dealing with questions beginning with wh and h.
He loves Korea! Could any one know why?.. It is because of it's fast growing relation with Cameroon and the interesting digital
virtual shop.. what an integration of the physical to the digital world?.. Korean culture is not excluded from his likes.
He also loves his country Cameroon. He's been to Yaounde, Bamenda , and this time in Buea, but something more interesting...
He stupidly loves Astronomy.

Skills TheD Possess'

TheD develops his capacity in doing the following:

  • Web development with Zoho and Wordpress.
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Text editing and Content building.


    Marketing skills obtained from GIC GEME Cameroon as an interne.
    Certification of volunteering in IYF Cameroon as a medical assistant.
    Certification from making cents as a participant.
    Skills in sciences from studying physics in the University of Yaounde 1 before swapping to the Steve Jobs project.
    Currently obtaining programming and erp skills at IT-Kamer


    Send an e mail to TheD at or
    Equally visit his Wordpress blog

    My Documentation

    You can see my documentation here
    See my documentation in their various links below.

  • Xonta Application
  • Clear Import Database Log
  • SEO for my chosen niche
  • Proposal for WandaPos website
  • ADT Plugin in already installed eclipse
  • Demo slide show of Wandapos
  • Slide show of an OSPOS, Wanda POS
  • Symbols in Java
  • Transforming and doing SEO on WandaPOS website
  • 3G and Online Entrepreneurship
  • Time Table Generator Design (Preliminary Requirements Gathering)
  • Purchase Order in iDempiere.

    My Current Projects

    There are a number of projects I am presently working on. These are:

  • Wanda POS website development and SEO,with the supervision of Dr. Ing Stanley A. Mungwe
  • iDempiere plugin development project for an on line ticketing system,with the guidance of Eyog Yvon Leonce
  • Steve Job's project Cameroon.
  • iDempiere on Mobile (Nyanga Helena), self included.
  • Xonta Application.

    Things you should know !

    I learned from my guru that problem,issue and situation are equal words but differ when used in a for thought!
    Read book such as;

    • The seven habits of highly effective poeple. by Steven Covey.
    • The eigth habit of highly effective poeple. by Steven Covey.
    • Think and grow Napoleon Hill.
    • Emotional Daniel Goleman.
    • Web Redhuan D. Oon.
    • Rich Dad Poor Dad. by Robert Kiyosaki.
    • Why You Act the Way You Do. by Tim Lahaye

    I also think you should know that you've got a brain, you either use it or loose it...

    Why I Participate In The Steve Job's Project Cameroon

    The reason for which I participate in this project can be written in 140 characters as well as it can be divided
    into multiple explanations...
    As an introduction, while I was studying physics in the university, computer programming languages such as
    pascal, C and fortran were also part of our academic training, but by then I did not have a computer and so
    I worked and got myself a desk top pc. As a matter of fact, with some practice I began loving lines of codes.
    But then I had a compiler platoIDE that always printed the executable is out of date...kkkkk.
    The interesting part of my participation is that, I was just waking up from bed on the morning I heard about
    the Steve Jobs project and that the conference was to hold at the congress hall Yaounde at 10:00 am that very day.
    I went to the conference to get an overview and knowledge of it and came back home different, pondering my thoughts
    upon the project, then I came to my conclusion; though I knew nobody in Buea in order to ask for help,
    I will figure it out and get there and I will participate in this opportunity which had pupped up!
    After all, I wish to participate in the positive growth of my country. So I leaped into the platform with the
    aim of studying codes and doing that which I normally will without any stress!..

    Why I studied physics in the university

    The summary of the story begins when I was in secondary school level three;
    I fell on a book entitled Science and read so much in this book about astronomy and took note of NASA.
    Then I became attracted, interested and desired much more knowledge of it especially when I studied
    Kepler's laws and gravitation, electrostatics, introductory astrophysics on my own.
    After graduating from secondary school, I then opted for physics in the university, but since there was
    no department for astrophysics in our Cameroon universities but also that of a new field (Biophysics),
    I studied with the idea of becoming a biophysicist having an aim of contributing to space engineering
    and to design ecological models of dimensional imagination.

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