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Name This user real name is : Mokom Akere Achu

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Who is Smith Ascii?

                  He is a young dynamic boy of difference,he resident 

in Bamenda Cameroon,but presently

in Buea, the southwest region for a project organized by the 

almighty GURU/GEEK (MR.REDHUAN D. OON)His most respected "met" mentor all the way from Malaysia.

He is  currently enrolled into the University of IT, MEDIA DESIGN hosted By Dr.Stanley Mungwe (the proprietor)

to have a Bachelor degree in Software Engineering. To enhanced his knowledge in software design with JAVA,

and study more on C programming.His objective  is to solve complex problems which the World is
faced with today. He was self thought and has had a grasp on some fields of study.
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Skills He possesses without Certification(SELF THOUGHT);

  • Graphic Designing (you can search visit on Facebook for sample works using this address [ PhotoWorks/1412548892358247?ref=ts&fref=ts]),
  • why not send him a friend request so you see his latest updates thank you..[1]
  • A professional fashion model (you can search visit on Facebook using this address[
  • Database management with MS-Access and enhances it with VBA (visual basic for application).
  • System analysis and Design-studied the following modules:
  • -system analysis fundamentals
  • -information requirement process
  • -the analysis Process
  • -the essentials of design-(designing effective output, input, user interfaces, accurate data entry procedure )
  • -finally software engineering and implementation.


    He wished to have a global knowledge on at least most fields of study.So he went further to study, God being there for him he was issued certifications is the following field of study.

    He is certified in the following as concern his education;

  • A diploma in C programming (can create useful codes)
  • A certified in IT management, software and databases
  • A diploma is statistical analyses and tax returns (can analyze and interpret data and calculate tax control. Input and output tax i.e. Tax on purchase, sales and variances)
  • A certificate in Inventory management (Can manage company’s inventory superb),
  • A certificate in cash flow analyses (Can manage the can flow of a company for the financial year superb),
  • An attestation of attendances (youth and Entrepreneurship. Lessened on the spirit of excellence, potentials meet opportunities, self-Discipline SWOT ANALYSES and Risk management, and intellectual prospective right),
  • A Diploma in Computerize Accounting (Doing Accounting using computer software i.e. sage sari 100, quick books, MS- excel),
  • GCE ADVANCED level commercial studies
  • GCE ORDINARY level commercial studies

    His Mentors

  • Dr. Stanley Mungwe
  • TerryWhite(Adobe Photoshop)

    What he is interested in

  • Wanda POS [2]
  • Analog Phone to CyberSpace
  • Asterisk Support Centre
  • iDempiere DocBook Project
  • iDempiere Easy Installer
    Idempiere charts on mobile

    His current projects

  • He is currently working on the Steve jobs project and
  • Point of sales project
  • ERP project
  • Designed a Logo for the Idempiere Mobile app
  • Idempiere and wanda Pos Doc
  • We2 Project
  • Ticketing systems.
  • Idempiere/WandaPos Documentation
  • The Emergance of Cameroon By 2020

    His Documentation

    See my documentations in their various links below.

  • Comments in Computer Programing
  • Idempiere Possible Intergration
  • Division as Repeated Subtraction
  • Idempiere Vs Sage ERP
    Idempiere mobile app logo

    Other important Documentation based on Idempiere

  • Carry idempiere any where you go!

    Smith Ascii's Designs

    Contact Smith Ascii

  • Youtube channel|Smith Ascii's YouTube channel
  • E-mail,
  • Facebook search Akere Smith(A model)
  • for graphic visit Facebook search Akos photo Works
  • His system analysis and database page search Facebook mokomsmith data basing thank you..