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Nuvadga Christian Tete

Who Am I?

I am a confident, highly driven software engineering student, currently studying in the University of Buea, South West Region, Cameroon, Central Africa (CEMAC ZONE), with practical hands-on in enterprise application development and open source community bonding and development. Resourceful and proactive, I also combine effective communication skills with sound knowledge in software engineering to identify immediate and potential problems and opportunities and deliver a satisfactory outcome for both those needing to be served and those looking to serve whilst working alone and as part of a larger team. I am currently looking for avenues to further expand my contributions within the open source community and as a freelancer.

Stuff I am Doing

I have been doing some Open Source work for the past months that has added a lot to my experience in cyber space. You may want to join me on:

'1.'TYPO3.FormBuilder Backend Module in Neos. For the more visual person, it’s a Graphical User Interface for creating and editing Forms based on the TYPO3 Flow Form Framework, which we are working on integrating it into TYPO3 Neos as a Backend Module.

'2.'Steve-Job Project Cameroon. Studying and spotting out possible aspects of innovation on the OpenBRAVO POS.

Fellowships/ Association

I am a registered member of;

1. Association of Computing Machinery (ACM)

2. University of Buea Computer Engineering Students Association (UBCESA) 


Recently Published my first scientific research work in the Africa Journal of Information Systems (AJIS). For interested parties, you can see paper summary “UML model of a Grade Point Average Calculator Software” at Easychair

How to find me in Cyber Space

Facebook:Krys Nuvad

Twitter: #KrysNuvadga

Skype: chris.nuvadga


IRC: #typo3-neos, #ublab, #gsoc-2014

My SandBox

Admin Guide WPOS