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Who is Semi Clayton Nguosi?

My real name is Semi Clayton, but almost nobody knows me by that name. I am currently a final year student at the University of Buea majoring in Software Engineering. Well, that is what my documents will say. Truth be told, I don't like traditional classroom settings, reason for which I am loving the work which I'm currently doing. I am a passionate software developer and an addicted coder. Some people say a vessel is only as good as what it can hold. My problem with that model is that it doesn't consider the fact that such vessels sooner or later get filled up. I usually pride myself to be a vessel with a hole. Funny right? I am knowledge hungry and I do not think that I will ever get satisfied. There is just so much to learn!


Semi Clayton was born on the 21st of October 1993 in Kumbo, Cameroon of English speaking parents. He just like most kids of his time attended a missionary primary school (CBC Kumbo) from 1996 to 2003, and later secondary and high school in public school (GBHS Kumbo) from September 2003 to June 2011. After high school, he was accepted into the University of Buea to read Computer Engineering where he is currently studying.


English (spoken, read, written)
French (spoken, read, written)

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+ (237) 700-900-57

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Twitter: #klexysmile


- Presently working for the STEVE JOBS Project Cameroon
- Research on safe and secure online banking
- Conception, Design and Programming of a GPA Calculator for students of the University of Buea.
- Design and Implementation of an ERP for a local business
- Currently developing android apps for the market


- Computer graphics design
- java and javafx
- web design
- web programming
- android
- artificial intelligence


- Playing video games
- Watching TV shows
- Playing football


August 2013
Received a grant of 50000 FRS from the University of Buea as an excellence award
March 2012
Technical adivisor of the University of Buea Computer Engineering Student's association.
Febuary 2012
First auditor for the University of Buea Computer Engineering Student's association.


- C programming (Advanced)
- Web design (Advanced)
- Java programming (Advanced)
- Unix shell scripting
- PostgreSQL database management
- MySQL Database Management
- Oracle Database Management (11g - Iz052 and below)
- Microcontroller programming (Intermediate)
- Familiarity with the Dos, Linux and android operating systems as a whole.


Now about the internship program, I am on a team working with world renowned developer Redhuan D. Oon on a 'Steve Job' Project whose aim is to produce 3 Cameroonian Silicon Valley dotcom success by 2020. What After having a first meet with Redhuan D. Oon, I knew what I would be doing for the rest of my youth. Yes i said it, my youth! I have no plans of coding my life right into old age. My greatest wish right now is to get as much exposure as I need to achieve my dreams in the world of computing. For the time being, I'm just having fun with, and learning a whole lot from Redhuan D. Oon.

Started on the 3rd of August 2014, with a meeting with renowned software engineer; Dr Stanley Mungwe. Had a meeting with the Guru (Redhuan D. Oon) to launch the Steve Job's project in Buea where we discussed amongsts other points, the following

- communication skills required for the open source community
- showing how iDempiere works, demonstrating that it is the BEST software in the world
- have a passion, vision and perspective
- What is good about the open source community

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