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How Enable Export Record Button

In order to enable the export button in every window In the Role window you have to enable Can Export and also Access Advanced

Document DocumentNo Order - Postresql reports

If you have a sequence like that:

Where IN is the document name (IN for INVOICE)
123 is the document number counter
17 is the year

if you want to have ordered reports you could use a query like this:

select *
from c_invoice i
where issotrx='Y'
order by 
substring(i.documentno, '[0-9]+$')::int,
substring(substring(i.documentno, 3), '[0-9]+') ::int


IDempiere 4.1 java.lang.RuntimeException: Error initializing storage.

As suggested here [1] you have to delete some files.

sudo -u idempiere find /opt/idempiere-server/ -name '.fileTableLock*' -delete 
sudo -u idempiere find /opt/idempiere-server/ -name '.fileTable.*' -delete

In my case this error occur when I'm not using the right Java version.