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Name This user real name is : Tangwe Caleb Ojang
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Who is Tangwe Caleb?

tangwe Caleb is a student at the faculty of engineering and technology of the university of buea.A registered student of the department of computer engineering . He specialised in the field of Software Engineering.His interest in software engineering has pushed him towards the opensource community with communities like ADempiere/iDempiere and VLC.A copy of his CV can be downloaded [1] .


Caleb was born on January 3rd 1993 in Nso, Cameroon from anglophone parents.


English (spoken, read, written)
French (read)

Contact information

Mobile Phone

+ (237) 792-569-47
+ (237) 989-048-27

Internet links and pages

Twitter: #blissmen1


- Presently working for the STEVE JOBS Project Cameroon
- Games with unity Engine
- Conception, Design and Programming of a GPA Calculator for students of the faculty of engineering and technology.
- Currently working on an android application for Doctors


- JavaFx
- C#
- android
- Web programmin
- Research in general


- Playing video games
- Reading Random Books


- C programming (Intermediate)
- Web design (pro)
- Java SE programming (zen)
- Unix shell scripting
- PostgreSQL database management
- MySQL Database Management
- C# Programming (Advanced)
- JavaFx Programming (Intermediate)
- Familiarity with the Dos, Linux and android operating systems as a whole.
- Extensive experience in software applications with common ones like proteus, p-spice, CISCO packet tracer, vmware, mplab