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Name This user real name is : Chuenffo T. Arnold
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Who is Arnold ?

Arnold is a Computer Engineering student from the Faculty of Engineering and Technology University of Buea,Cameroon. Specializing in Software Engineering, joined the iDempiere open source project community in August 2014.


  • DALT Team Leader winnner of Microsoft Imagine Cup 2014 Local finals Cameroon.
  • Paper Accepted for presentation and publishment at ICT4Africa Internartional Conference 2014.

Getting Arnold

  • The cliche way of getting Arnold's attention is to send him email at
  • Show your appreciation to him at

What i learnt from Red1 ?

I recently attended to Red1 presentation on iDempiere Open Source project.And as intern at IT-Kamer ltd, we learn some much from almost all fileds of life.

  • Pair Programming:You sometimes learn better if you find someone about your level and learn together sharing tasks of exploring the software of project.
  • The basic rules to follow in chat rooms,the Dos and DON'Ts and acronyms such as IMHO: Short for ‘In My Humble Opinion’ good for start of comments and many others.
  • Apprenticeship:Offering to assist a mentor or senior in order to learn more directly.