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Our Role in iDempiere’s Development

The iDempiere project is important to Trek Global because it takes the proven power of ADempiere as a business system and adds to it the flexibility of OSGi to enhance and extend with new modules and integrations. We recognize that it is disruptive to develop such changes in a core product that people are using. In forming iDempiere as a sister project, it is possible to advance with such disruptive changes.

As a platinum sponsor, we contribute to system architecture and provide financial support to iDempiere’s research and development.

About Trek Global

Trek Global helps mid-sized businesses achieve success through a variety of enterprise solutions including open source ERP. While our headquarters is established in the northwest corner of the United States, we have team members all around the globe.

At the helm of Trek Global is CEO Joel Stangeland, who brings nearly two decades of experience in the IT industry. Joel’s experience includes business-side implementation of first proprietary and later open source ERP. He held a primary role with developers and implementers in the Compiere project fork, ADempiere. Thanks to Joel’s experience as an open source ERP implementer, he has been able to bring project management principles to open source development.

The Trek Global team is composed of individuals with many diverse talents. We work together to engineer, design and implement open source ERP. With our team’s expertise, we are proud to be part of the meaningful and continuous advancement of these solutions.

How to Reach Us

Contact us via our online form

or email us at info(at)trekglobal(dot)com