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About Me

For some reason people generally find it hard to pronounce my name, so everyone calls me izzy.

Presently I am a student in the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, University of Buea, in Cameroon. I just went through my third year. When I was a kid my dad wanted me to be a priest, my sister and brothers wanted me to be a medical doctor. Of them all, my mom just wanted me to be happy and I trusted her the most. Thinking through, it dawned unto me that though I was into many things (listening to music, dancing, singing, soccer, watching movies etc) there was none I loved more than 'playing with computers.' I would prefer to sit in front of that screen for the whole day rather than going to school, but it was all a dream because I had only seen a Computer on TV. Only in secondary school that I actually touched a computer for the first time.

How I got here

A few weeks before my second semester exams I attended a seminar organized by Dr. Stanley Mungwe at the Landmark University College, Buea (Cameroon). During his talk he said many things that caught my attension and I wrote him an application. At the interview he introduced me to Redhuan D. Oon. Only a few minutes with him heightened my passion for Technology as a whole. I downloaded one of his books and read it and this opened the narrow door into the world of FOSS.
I attended another conference on Monday, August 04 2014 held by Redhuan himsel. It was an orientation for me and I was really happy because he proved to be one of the few people who have the kind of vision that inspires me.
Next day (Tuesday, 05) I attended another meeting which was like an introductory workshop. Redhuan kept stressing on following my passion. Looking back I thought "hey! all my life this is what I have actually wanted to do" even though I kept falling out with many people who thought they could force me accomplish their own dreams instead of following mine.

My Hobbies

There are many things I love doing. Generally, I am interested in anything that is new or not familiar. However, there are things I things I prefer more:

  • Listening to music
  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Coding
  • Logic
  • Puzzles

I am diverse

I usually allow myself to get involved in a variety of things, things that I eventuallt learn from and widen my knowledge base:

  • Computers: I have liked Computers since I was a kid, even though I only to see an actual Computer just a few months before going to Secondary School. I only touched one when I was i Secondary School. However, I have been able to own one since 2012 and that made me very happy coz I felt like a new kind of magician.
  • Dance: When I was little my brothers used to dance each time they would play a nice piece of music on our stereo.My sister used to get invited by big companies like Brasseries du Cameroun, The Coca-cola Companry & many oters, each time they had a big event which needed that kind of entertainment. I never did coz each time I tried they would laugh at me. One day (Lower Sixth - my first year in High School) I was invited for a feast/party on campus. I went innocently, not knowing what my friends were planning. They pulled me on stage to dance with them during their performance. I won't lie - I gaffed. The next feast/party was organized by my own dormitory. I decided I would remove that shame from my head. That day I got a price, coz nobody imagined I could be that good. Since that day I have every stage on which I stood.
  • Singing/Music: In my school music was one of the compulsory subjects. I turned out to be very good at it. Later on I was made Choir Prefect. However, I stopped music when I got to College. Many people asked why, but up till this day I have not been able to answer.
  • Coding: I didn't have the slightest idea about programming until I got to college. That was actually the first time I heart the word 'Programming'. I was fascinated because it was the only course which had a name in the present continuous tense. I put in a lot of energy learning it even though I had no computer then. I programmed on paper for two years and my friends began calling me A4++, coz I used A4 paper.
  • Logic: I like it so much, coz it helps me think straight. Many people think I like to argue. I just don't like it when people use fallacies to play on the minds of young ones and dumb ones. I like to point it out when they do
  • Puzzles I have always loved things that made me 'think my brains out'. Gradually I walk into the world of puzzles. It feels good when you solve a puzzle, especially one that appears difficult for many other people.
  • Movies: Lately I hardly have time to watch movies coz of the many things I am involved in. Nevertheless, there are times when I would spend days in front of that screen and all I'll do is step out to get something to eat, take a bath and get back to that screen.


  • Henry Ford: Coming together is beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success.
  • Bernard Shaw: Some see things the way are and say why. I dream things that never were and say why not.
  • ...

My Role Models

  • Steve Job's & Charles Babbage: When it comes to one's and zero's I dearly look up to these people. May their souls rest in perfect peace.


I prefer not to be in quiet places, but when I am, I start to wonder around the world in there. Lots and lots of why's, where's, when's, how's etc. the world wh family.

What I am doing

  • Sunday, August 31, 2014: I am working on the Steve Job's Project. The team is planning on doing a video to upload on YouTube. Video tries to show the difference between Cameroon and the world using Korea as a case study. It will have a lot of comedy exhibited through dance, music, modelling, culture and technology. I am the choreographer and I'm waiting for the musicians to hit me with the music so that I make my dancers dance to the tune of it.
  • Sunday, August 31, 2014: I have been working on a website for about one month now. It is a website for a new record label in town. They've done lots of wonderful songs and their first official video will be released in the coming weeks. As such, I have to make sure the site is ready in the shortest time possible. Lucky enough, I'm 90% done with it. I am not doing it to get paid, but to use it to bargain. I have my own site I want to build, but I don't have the means to host it even if I had the money (which is not the case). This has stopped me from even starting it. I believe that if the guys from the record label like the site I am building for them I can use it to bargain so that they host it and also host mine. [Don't ask how I intend to host a site I've not even started building. I have the architecture all worked out. I just need the host to give me that domain name I so desire - [1]]
  • Sunday, August 31, 2014:I'm embarking on another web project. For this one I am not allowed to give you details so I'll leave it to your imagination. I intend to use WordPress, but I have to first learn it. It keeps giving me headache coz of some damn error I don't know how to fix. It claims it can't find database info and asking me to edit the config file, but I have edited it in all possible ways and it still won't work - Gosh! Besides, the client doesn't even know what they want, so I have to play God to get it out of them without ever meeting them.

My Hobbies

There are many things I love doing. Generally, I am interested in anything that is new or not familiar. However, there are things I things I prefer more:

  • Listening to music
  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Coding
  • Logic
  • Puzzles

My Gifts

Some say I am multi-talented. Things I can do

  • Dance
  • Programming
  • Logic
  • Social Engineering & Communication [I make new friends with the blink of an eye]