Installation dans Eclipse

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To develop with source code you have to install the source tree in an Eclipse environment.


  • Linux, Windows or MacOS
  • Java6 is recommended. You can use Java6 from Sun or OpenJDK6. (iDempiere runs with Java7 also but will throw some warnings.)
  • PostgreSQL 9.1 or higher (iDempiere does still work with 8.4 but there are some special issues)
  • Mercurial Client (hg commandline)
  • Eclipse Juno (Indigo should still work also)

You may see at the older prerequisities page at

Download iDempiere source tree

Choose a trunk repository you trust (e.g. the following) and clone it:

 hg clone idempiere

Setting up Eclipse Workspace

There are two excellent resources explaining graphically what is required to setup Eclipse:

  • Navigate to "File > Switch Workspace > Other" and choose the previously cloned directory as a workspace.

Materializing iDempiere project within Eclipse

Next step is to "materialize" the project. This means that all dependencies are downloaded from the internet.

  • Navigate to File > Import > Buckminster > Materialize from Buckminster MSPEC, CQUERY or BOM
  • Push the "Next" button and fill the "Enter a URL ..." box with the folder $IDEMPIERE_REPOSITORY/org.adempiere.sdk-feature/adempiere.mspec
(You must replace the $IDEMPIERE_REPOSITORY with the corresponding folder name or even better you can use the "Browse" button to navigate there and select the adempiere.cquery file)
  • Here eclipse takes some time to review dependencies and after that you can push the "Finish" button

Now is a good time to brew some coffee (better Colombian coffee) - Eclipse will download and configure the whole project and this can be time consuming.

When this step finishes it is recommended to close eclipse and take a backup of the $IDEMPIERE_REPOSITORY folder, in case something mess later you can restore the backup and you won't need to download again the whole thing from internet.

(see also

rebuild and start

You could mark all projects and use the context menu to refresh your eclipse projects. After that you use the menu "Project -> Clean..." to rebuild the whole workspace. After that you should be able to start the iDempiere Code.

To start iDempiere try "Run -> Debug Configurations..." and choose the configuration for "Eclipse Application/swingclient.product". You should now be able to start it.

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