Replenish Report (Report ID-125)

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Report: Replenish Report

Description: Inventory Replenish Report

Help: Report lists products to be replenished. Note that a product can have only one current vendor. If there are more then vendor per product, both records are reset. You need to select a current vendor manually.
Movements are only created, if a sourcing warehouse is defined for the warehouse to be replenished.

Replenish Report - Report (iDempiere 1.0.0).png

Report Parameters
Name Description Help Technical Data
Warehouse Storage Warehouse and Service Point The Warehouse identifies a unique Warehouse where products are stored or Services are provided. M_Warehouse_ID
Table Direct
Business Partner Identifies a Business Partner A Business Partner is anyone with whom you transact. This can include Vendor, Customer, Employee or Salesperson C_BPartner_ID
Create Create from Replenishment ReplenishmentCreate
Document Type Document type or rules The Document Type determines document sequence and processing rules C_DocType_ID
Table Direct

Contributions / Posts

  • QtyOnHand = Quantity in Stock
  • QtyReserved -> Quantity reserved in sales orders
  • QtyOrdered -> Quantity promised in purchase orders

Replenishment Types:

  • Reorder below Minimum Level
    • QtyToOrder = when QtyOnHand - QtyReserved + QtyOrdered <= Level_Min then Level_Max - QtyOnHand + QtyReserved - QtyOrdered else 0
  • Maintain Maximum Level
    • QtyToOrder = Level_Max - QtyOnHand + QtyReserved - QtyOrdered
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