Plugin: BX Service Document Status Validator

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The goal of the plug-in is to allow the user to create validations on document status changes with SQL conditions. When one of the conditions is fulfilled, an error message is shown to the user explaining what to do to be able to change the document status.

It adds an extra layer of control over the document status changes. It lets you catch potential errors and mistakes before updating the doc status instead of having to fix them afterward.


Log in to iDempiere as System or with an Administrator role and navigate to the 'Document Status Validation' window.


In the above example, a condition is created to forbid the preparation of orders with a Grand Total > 1000 €.

The SQL Where accepts SQL code, or context variables, such as: '@DateOrdered@' >' @#Date@'.


Column Name Description
Name Condition Name. It is used for reference
Message Translatable message that will be shown to the user in an error dialog when the condition is fulfilled.
Sequence When there’s more than one condition for the same document. The sequence specified in which order the conditions are evaluated.
Table List of tables with document status.
Event Model Validator Event that triggers the validation
SQL Where SQL condition that is evaluated. Fill with fully qualified names.

When more than 1 condition for the same document is fulfilled, the error message shows all the messages from those conditions that must be addressed.

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