NF9 Print Format Custom Header Footer

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Feature: OSGi Interface to Create Custom Header and Footer

Goal: Functional

Developer: Hengsin (talk)

Feature Ticket: IDEMPIERE-4894

Description: Add AD_PrintHeaderFooter table and OSGi interface IPrintHeaderFooter to replace Standard Header and Footer for tabular (non-form) report.


  • Create OSGi component for the org.idempiere.print.IPrintHeaderFooter interface
  • Create a AD_PrintHeaderFooter record for the created OSGi component. Fill Source Class field with Component Name
  • Example AD_PrintHeaderFooter record:

Print Header Footer Window


  • At print format, uncheck Standard Header Footer and select the desire Print Header Footer record.
  • Example:

Print Format Example Header and Footer


With Standard Header and Footer

Business Partner Details with Standard Header and Footer

With Example Header and Footer

Business Partner Detail Example Header and Footer

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