NF9 Custom Query Clause For Report Parameter

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Feature: Custom Query Clause for Report Parameter

Goal: Development

Developer: Hengsin (talk)

Feature Ticket: IDEMPIERE-4904


  1. Add AD_Process_Para.Query column
  2. Developer will enter custom query clause with context variable to the AD_Process_Para.Query field
  3. When preparing for the execution of the reports, if AD_Process_Para.Query is not empty, the AD_Process_Para.Query value will be parsed (usually with context variable to take values from process parameter values enter by user) to generate sql clause (instead of the usual <columnName>=<user enter value> sql clause).
  4. When AD_Process_Para.Query is empty, there’s no impact to existing flow/logic.

Usage of New Features

  1. Report/Process Window
    • For report type proces
    • Enter SQL filter into the "Query" column at process parameter tab.

Example Screen Shot

Report parameter query field example

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