NF9 Replace CreateFrom With InfoWindow Process

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Feature: Replace Create From Form With Info Window Form

Goal: Functional

Developer: Hengsin (talk), Elaine Tan (etantg)

Sponsor: TDI APJ Malaysia

Feature Ticket: IDEMPIERE-5396

Use Info Window and Process to replace existing Create From custom form.


  • Material Receipt Create Lines From
  • Invoice (Vendor) Create Lines From
  • Vendor RMA Create Lines From
  • Customer RMA Create Lines From
  • Invoice (Customer) Create Lines From
  • Customer Return Create Lines From
  • Add Create Lines From feature to Return to Vendor
  • Add Create Lines From feature to Shipment (Customer)

Application Dictionary Changes:

1. Add Info Window field to Column tab of Table and Column window.

Info Window field of Column
  • Info Window field is active when Column Reference is Button.
  • For Button Reference, user will select one of Process or Info Window.
  • At Info Window, user will configure the process to run.
Info Window Process

2. Add Query After Change field to Column tab of Info Window window.

Info Column Query After Change flag
  • The flag is visible and active for info column with Query Criteria=Yes.
  • After user has made changes to an info column with Query After Change=Yes, info window will execute query if all visible Query Criteria info column with Query After Change=Yes have been filled with value. If one of the Query After Change info column is empty, existing query result (if any) will be cleared.

Info Window, View and Process:

  1. Create lines from Invoice
    • View: C_Invoice_CreateFrom_v
    • Process: C_Invoice_CreateFromProcess
  2. Create lines from Shipment/Receipt
    • View: M_InOut_CreateFrom_v
    • Process: M_InOut_CreateFromProcess
  3. Create lines from RMA
    • View: M_RMA_CreateFrom_v
    • Process: M_RMA_CreateFromProcess

Material Receipt Create Lines From:

  • De-activate existing Create From column (M_InOut.CreateFrom)
  • Add CreateLinesFrom column to M_InOut. Configure as Button and uses Info Window (see Screen Shot above).
  • Material Receipt window will render a Create lines from button.
Material Receipt Create Lines From Button
  • Clicking on the Create lines from button will open the corresponding info window.
Material Receipt Create Lines From Info Window
  • The configure process is render as a button to the left of the "X" button.
  • User will select order, execute search, select order lines and click the Create lines from Shipment/Receipt button to create new Material Receipt lines from selected Order lines.
  • The other windows (Invoice (Vendor), Vendor RMA, etc) will follows the same configuration and usage pattern.
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