Initial Client Setup Review (Workflow ID-104)

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Workflow: Initial Client Setup Review

Description: Review of system level setup of a new Client

Help: This workflow reviews the system setup of a new client as performed by the automatic Initial Client Setup. You may want to check also the following Workflows: - Accounting Setup - Business Partner Setup - Product Setup - Price list Setup - Warehouse Setup - Tax Setup

Initial Client Setup Review - Workflow (iDempiere 1.0.0).png

Workflow Nodes
Name Description Help Type Zoom
Client Maintain Clients/Tenants The Client is the highest level of an independent business entity. Each Client will have one or more Organizations reporting to it. Each Client defines the accounting parameters (Accounting Schema, Tree definition, Non Monetary UOM's). To create new Clients, run the Initial Client Setup with the System Administrator Role.

Do not create a new client in this window, but use "Initial Client Setup" to set up the required security and access rules. If you create a new client here, you will not be able to view it and also the required client infrastructure would not have been set up.

User Window Client
Organization Maintain Organizations The Organization Window allows you to define and maintain Organizational entities. An Organization is often a legal entity or sub-unit for which documents and transactions are processed User Window Organization
Role Maintain User Responsibilities The Role Window allows you to define the different roles that users of this system will have. Roles control access to windows, tasks, reports, etc. For a client an Administrator and User role are predefined. You may add additional roles to control access for specific functionality or data.

You can add users to the role. Note that access information is cached and requires re-login or reset of cache.

User Window Role
User Maintain Users of the system The User Window allows you to maintain User of the system. Users can log into the system and have access to functionality via one or more roles. A user can also be a business partner contact. User Window User
Import File Loader Load flat Files into import tables The Import File Loader parses the content of a flat file and loads it into import tables. Comments start with a '[' and end with a ']' and are ignored; example: [Some Heading]. User Form Import File Loader
Import Account Import Natural Account Values The Import Natural Account Window is an interim table which is used when importing external data into the system. Selecting the 'Process' button will either add or modify the appropriate records. User Window Import Account
Calendar Year and Period Maintain Calendars Years Periods The Calendar Year and Periods defines the calendars that will be used for period control and reporting. You can also define non-standard calendars (e.g. business year from July to June). User Window Calendar Year and Period

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