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Introduction and Support

The tutorial is about how to install idempiere by docker. Supported by Ken Longnan by email

Source Code


The idempiere docker images, use the links below to download

Use the docker installer

After download, setup idempiere docker follow this steps :

  • 1. Load image into docker host
    • gzcat idempiere-docker-pgsql-5.1.0.latest.tar.gz | docker load
    • gzcat idempiere-docker-server-5.1.0.latest.tar.gz | docker load
  • 2. Create data volume
    • docker volume create --name idempiere-pgsql-datastore
  • 3. Run idempiere pgsql
    • docker run -d --name="idempiere-pgsql" -v idempiere-pgsql-datastore:/data -p 5432:5432 -e PASS="postgres" idempiere/idempiere-docker-pgsql:5.1.0.latest
    • docker logs -f idempiere-pgsql #check data preparation status
  • 4. Run idempiere server
    • docker run -d -t --link idempiere-pgsql:idempiere-db --name="idempiere-server" -p 80:8080 -p 443:8443 idempiere/idempiere-docker-server:5.1.0.latest
    • docker logs -f idempiere-server #check server status

iDempiere Web UI


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