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Most of the information in this page is outdated and need update.

Why need it?

it's easy to make a customize theme in idempiere just do follow Add_your_theme.

But has some limit relate to theme of idempiere.

1. don't support multiple theme at time, can't implement to user 1 use theme_1, user 2 use theme_2

2. not seamlessly to integrate boottrap to theme. boottrap is supported by zk 7

i want improve in this zone. any suggest, contribute, coo-work is welcome

because i'm not a designer, your contribute about design will priceless and help speedup this job

Overview about ZK theme system

Overview about idempiere theme system

Overview about how to integrate boottrap into idempiere

job to improve theme system

In my opinion, we can category 4 part

1. build a complete bootstrap mold for zk CE start from zk-bootstrap

zk-bootstrap support zk EE, because need development for complete suitable for zk CE

2. development zk-bootstrap mold for zk customize component of idempiere example search editor for bpartner, payment,..

(*) layout in idempiere depend ability auto layout of zk component (auto re-size, h-flex, v-flex,..) bootstrap mold must consider it.

also make client side component for idempier customize component, and info about layout will set as properties,

help new bootstrap mold can adapt

3. move all css, javascript hard code in java code to css and javascript file or mold file or control it by properties of component.

4. improve theme manage available set theme per session.

(*) consider for use "Font Awesome"

job to improve theme system

zk-bootstrap document

zk-bootstrap mold

zk-bootstrap source

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