PackIn - Import a package (прозорец ID-50005)

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прозорец: PackIn - Import a package

описание: Imports a package

помощ: Imports a package previously created by PackOut

TAB: ПакИн

описание: Импорт на пакет създаден от ПакИн

помощ null

Файл:PackIn - Import a package - ПакИн - прозорец (iDempiere 1.0.0).png

име име описание помощ спецификации
Client Фирма Фирма Фирма AD_Client_ID
numeric(10) NOT NULL
Table Direct
Organization Организация Подразделение на клиента An organization is a unit of your client or legal entity - examples are store, department. You can share data between organizations. AD_Org_ID
numeric(10) NOT NULL
Table Direct
Name Наименование Не повече от 60 знака The name of an entity (record) is used as an default search option in addition to the search key. The name is up to 60 characters in length. Name
character varying(60) NOT NULL
Created Дата создания Дата на създаване на записа The Created field indicates the date that this record was created. Created
timestamp without time zone NOT NULL
Update System Maintained Application Dictionary AD_Override_Dict null null AD_Override_Dict
Date Processed Date Processed null null DateProcessed
timestamp without time zone
Process Message Обработка съобщение null null P_Msg
character varying(2000)
PackIn ПакИн Import Package Import a package Processing

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