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Remarkable Technical Skills

  • Senior Integration and Software Architecture
  • M.B.A - Focus in Business Strategy & Finantial Services
  • Computer Science Engineers & Accounting
  • Functional experts in many verticals such as: Retail, Manifacturing, Agriculture, Transportation, Healthcare
  • Senior SOA, Java and Open Source IT Consultants
  • 100% Bilingual (English & Spanish)

Some Selected Contributions (SmartPOS, Adempiere, soon -> Idempiere)

  • Providing open source extensions and development tools for Adempiere & SmartPOS like:

* 1. First release of Panama Localization es_PA
* 2. [project template for customizations with easy build]
* 3. [project template for extensions with easy build]
* 4. [Advanced Integrated POS: SmartPOS 100% Web with Idempiere and Supporting Asynchronous scenarios using BigData tools such as: Cassandra/NOSQL]
* 5. [Advanced Financial extension Reports for Adempiere]
* 6. [Ivory Coast (Cote D'ivoire) Localization]

Contact Details

Sticker smart2013.png SmartJSP
Ciudad/City: Bogotá
País/Country: Colombia
Teléfono/Phone: +57 1 3872363