Upgrade from 1.0c to 2.0

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This guide applies for linux - if you're on a windows machine you can explore the scripts and do the steps manually:

It's advisable to check the wiki page Migration Notes

Database upgrade


  • take a backup of database and server




Server upgrade

when migrating from 1.0 to 2.0 is better to reinstall the server from scratch, so

download daily installer

preserve old folder

  • rename your old folder installed (i.e. from /opt/idempiere-server to /opt/idempiere-server.old)


  • uncompress the installer on the same folder where you had your previous installation (i.e. /opt/idempiere-server)

copy previous config

  • copying from old folder to new the folder keystore and the file idempiereEnv.properties


  • run console-setup-alt.sh
  • you must answer here that database already exists

install other stuff

  • install any plugins that you had installed in your previous installation (i.e. LCO or customizations) the same way you did
  • some customizations could require changes and recompilation if they are pointing to 1.0 instead of 2.0

apply other changes

  • apply changes you did to your old installation - i.e. if you customized memory parameters on idempiere-server.sh

service starter

  • if you use the file /etc/init.d/idempiere it's possible that there are changes to apply from the folder utils/unix

Periodic upgrade within same version


  • take a backup of database and server



  • update idempiere to latest changes on 2.0 executing:
sh update.sh http://ci.idempiere.org/job/iDempiere/ws/buckminster.output/org.adempiere.server_2.0.0-eclipse.feature/site.p2/


  • sign the build executing:
sh sign-database-build.sh

Migrate from postgres < 9.1 to a postgres >= 9.1

  • this is usually just a matter of pg_dump and then importing with psql
  • the only consideration to take care about is the uuid-ossp postgresql extension
  • pre-9.1 the uuid-ossp extension was created using the script db/ddlutils/postgresql/uuid-ossp.sql
  • since 9.1 the extension is created using the psql command:
  • sometimes postgresql throw problems when importing the pre-9.1 database, in such case you better delete the related functions and create the extension as advised for 9.1
  • in any case you must check that your uuid is correctly installed running the next statement on psql:
select generate_uuid();
  • it must return a UUID key - not errors.
  • generate_uuid is necessary to apply migration scripts - so is mandatory to migrate correctly and have this function working.
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