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Plugin: SmartPOS


SmartPOS is a complete new OSGi plug-in that works inside SmartERP. (Idempiere 2.1 Distro) , taking all the power of an ERP, but creating an intuitive , agile and easy to learn Point of Sale (POS) 100% Web .

SmartPOS has been designed to work as part of the ERP, and support complex business environments, where you can manage different products per organization, different organizations per client, price list, and much more.

Optimized to be secure, reliable with focus in productivity and fraud control.

SmartPOS 3.1 release (an Advanced OSGI Plugín for Idempiere ERP) First 100% decoupled release (SQL + packouts + configuration guide) so existent idempiere 2.1 users can install it on their current ERP. (Still under heavy testing)

  • Ready-made plug-n-play OSGi plugin. This is all you need. JRXMLs are embedded, just save into local disk if needed to modify and reattach back to redeploy.
  • Flexible design for multi-organization companies. Support to have 1 ERP (centralized) with multiple organizations(branches), and each organization with many POS stations (sharing 1 local database per organization)- ideal for pharmacy chains
  • Agile sales experience, quick search for products, customers, payments and pdf printing.
  • Support to touch screen devices (tablets or big smart phones) for ordering
  • Payments: Support to split payments, Payment forms with bank accounts
  • Powerful and flexible Inventory model based in ERP (Simplified) multiples prices, unit of measures and stock control
  • Easy customization of print formats for your tickets, invoices, close cash, Transparent integration with the ERP, creating all the formal documents for you such as: sale orders, shipping, invoice, RMA, and so on any time that you perform sales, returns, cash in-out, etc, that gives you all the stock control, accounting integration and so on that you used to have with the ERP, but using an agile a simpler User Interface with a high level of productivity.
  • Multil-lingual support (testes on English, French & Spanish)
  • More secure and more control to minimize fraud (role and security analysis)
  • Multi-money support
  • Flexible tax management
  • Close Cash (partial & complete) reports
  • Enhanced Printing and Reporting (server side with product routing)

Advanced features

  • Server side printer notification (each product can belong to specific printers) to different locations (warehouse, rooms and so on)
  • Optimized for distributed pharmacies
  • Bulk load for products
  • Insurance/Club membership with Plans, discounts (% or $)
  • Simplified returns
  • Cash in-out control
  • On top of that we have created a flexible configuration structure, so the user can define how the POS can change the behaviour (prices, filter products, customers) and much more The current document include most of the setup & configuration steps to prepare a SmartPOS environment, and also some the most common use cases for the SmartPOS functionality, additional resources for the ERP functionality can be found at
  • Open source Point of Sale solution 100% web
  • SmartPOS 3.1 First 100% decoupled release (SQL + packouts + configuration guide) so existent idempiere 2.1 user can install it on their current ERP. (Still under heavy testing)
  • Support to ERP promotions (4 x 3, items free and so on)
  • Visualization of product images (small - right side of product) and big , when clicking the small one
  • New options to speed up remote invoice POS printing (without print preview)
  • New transparent integration with SmartLoyalty (Loyalty points system for POS)

More info. Source Code. Soon..Videos, Integration with SmartLoyalty, Windows installers, Roadmap for 2015, more functional enhancements.

If you want to provide additional comments, please use the Discussion page.