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  • 1. Current, when move inventory between two Org, use must has right at two Organization.
  • 2. When move inventory between two warehouse, user must select locator to of warehouse he don't manage

discus here:!searchin/idempiere/libero/idempiere/38X5wCu5qJE/VcYoH_UnJO0J

  • I make this plug-in for improve something.
  • use bPartner with org link for select organization => resolve issue 1.
  • use warehouse at move header tab => resolve issue 2.

Process flow

  • User select document type with confirm => display organization, warehouse, hidden locator to
  • User make new move line => set locator to by one locator of warehouse of organization
  • User complete move inventory, make move line confirm with locator of move line
  • User confirm "move confirm", update locator of move line with new locator user select at move line confirm

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1. Setup:

  • duplicate "Material Movement" document with name "Material Movement confirm" and tick checkbox

New document type confirm.jpg

  • link a bPartner with a organization

BPartnerLinkOrg.jpg BPartnerLinkOrgSelectOrg.jpg

2. Test

  • Open Move Inventory window

At header tab

  • at document type. select "Material Movement confirm". organization to and warehouse is display
  • select a organization to or a warehouse.


At detail Tab

  • input a Move line. use must don't select locator to


  • complete move document => new move confirm document is create

Open Move confirm document

  • organization of move confirm document is organization of organization to or warehouse in move header
  • locator preset
  • confirm user can change locator