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This functionality adds six fields in the Business Partner window: Tax ID Type, First Name 1/2, Last Name 1/2, Verification Digit

The tax ID type defines if one name is captured, or first and last names are captured. It also defines if a verification digit must be calculated or verified for the Tax ID field.

Note that functionality adds two first names and two last names, in case you want to use just one is easy to hide the corresponding second fields using the Window Customization

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SysConfig Parameters

The following System Configurator parameters can be used to modify the behavior of this functionality:

    • If you define this parameter as N in a client then the whole functionality of detailed names will be disabled for this client
    • Default: Y
    • Scope: Client
  • QSSLCO_FillValueWithTaxID
    • This is used to fill by default the Search Key of a Business Partner from the TaxID field
    • Default: N
    • Scope: Client
  • QSSLCO_NameSeparator
    • When using detailed names, it defines here the separator for the Name field on business partner when concatenating the first names with last names
    • Default: WhiteSpace
    • Scope: Client
  • QSSLCO_NamesFirst
    • When using detailed names, it defines if the first names will be first, otherwise the last names will be first
    • Default: Y
    • Scope: Client

Tax ID Type Window

The Tax Id Type let you define the different types of tax IDs that you want to manage as well as some configuration:

LCO TaxIDType.png

  • Use Tax ID Digit: It defines if a tax ID Digit must be shown on the Business Partner window
  • Is Digit Checked: It defines how is the tax ID Digit checked:
    • Callout: digit check is generated automatically and immediately after the tax ID field is filled
    • Generate: digit check is generated when the record is saved
    • Check: digit check is not generated, but compared and validated against user captured value
  • Country: The country is required to define the digit check validation, the LCO plugin implements the validation for Colombia and Ecuador, this can be OSGi extended for other countries implementing the interface org.globalqss.util.ILCO_TaxIDDigit and defining the property country with the corresponding country code that it implements.
  • Detailed Names: It defines if the business partner must allow capturing first/last name(s) - used for persons
  • Minimum/Maximum Length: It defines the minimum and maximum length allowed for this document type, zero means no validation
  • Tax Code: External code for this tax ID type - for reporting purposes
  • Default: Used to define which is the default tax ID type


Business Partner

LCO BPDetailedNames.png

How to Install

P2 Repository

The recommended way to install the plugin is using the p2 repository.

cd /opt/idempiere-server  # Where your iDempiere server is installed
bash $REPO

This will install the four plugins of the LCO, you could install also the single plugin changing the by org.globalqss.idempiere.LCO.detailednames

Felix console

To install the plugin using the felix console (not recommended) you can download the plugin jar org.globalqss.idempiere.LCO.detailednames* directly from the p2 repo and use the felix console to install as usual.

OSGi console

You can install the single plugin from the OSGi console too.

First check the name of the latest compiled plugin for org.globalqss.idempiere.LCO.detailednames_*.jar in this URL:

For example at the moment of writing this guide the name is org.globalqss.idempiere.LCO.detailednames_8.2.0.202012201416.jar

And from the OSGi console (usually accessible using telnet localhost 12612) you can execute the following commands:

# replace the last part with the correct actual file name
setbsl 5 org.globalqss.idempiere.LCO.detailednames  # to set the start level of the plugin
sta org.globalqss.idempiere.LCO.detailednames  # to start the plugin