NF2.1 Manual ASI

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Feature: Manually Selecting Attribute Set Instance

Goal: Functional

Contributor: Logilite Technologies

Developer: Deepak Pansheriya (Logilite Technologies)


We find it a bit hard to work with serially managed products in iDempiere as we need to create 1 line per serial number. It is difficult to audit a document where such lines exist.

iDempiere works well for system selected ASI. It has been hard to work with when user need to ship items selected by user. This feature tries to resolve issue regarding serials. Below are screen showing how to ship selected serials.

In the example below, a product named ASI_test manages its serial numbers. Here the user wants to ship 3 qty. you can see that Attribute Set Instance field on shipment line is blank and qty is entered as 3.

01 Manual ASI InoutLine.png

Below image show sample Attribute tab entry. Once shipment line is entered, user can enter one of many serial numbers on Attribute tab. Notice also the Auto generated flag. This flag is non editable. This flag is set when record are generated by system. Auto generated records can be deleted and re-generated by system. Manually entered records are never deleted by the system.

01 Manual ASI SerialEntry.png

If user enter partial serial numbers, then system tries to auto fill Attribute tab for remaining item by material movement logic. You can also find the same Attribute tab on Material Receipt, Physical Inventory, Material Movement windows and its functionality is the same.

Technical Info: IDEMPIERE-1770

See also: Last Run